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CompanyAuthor(s) TitleAbstractPresentation
Flowco Production SolutionsCharlie JonesAn Industry Under SiegeAbstractPresentation
ExxonMobil Canada PropertiesAmy SewardDual Pocket Gas Lift Mandrel Field StudyAbstractPresentation
ChampionXKevin Rogers, Hunter SeabournField Data Demonstrate Benefits of Combining Gas Lift with Flow ImproverAbstractPresentation
Plunger Dynamics, University of TulsaOzan Sayman, Eduardo Pereyra, Cem SaricaDesign and Optimization of PAGL and GAPLAbstractPresentation
OccidentalGreg Stephenson, Alex LachIntegrated Surveillance System for Gas LiftAbstractPresentation
Baker HughesCandice TorreganoUnderstanding the Great Generational Divide While Creating a Unified WorkplaceAbstractComing Soon
ELC Energy ServicesSteve Turk, Mike JuenkeGas Pump – A New High Pressure Gas Lift Artificial Lift SystemAbstractPresentation
Siemens PSEKevin WadeRTPO for Gas Lifted Unconventional FieldAbstractPresentation
OccidentalGreg StephensonAPI Standards for Gas LiftAbstractPresentation
LSU, LWI, GR Energy ServicesPaulo Waltrich, Tim Bridges, Pedro VergelField Trial and Application of the Liquid-Assisted Gas-Lift on a Producing Long-Horizontal WellAbstractPresentation
Production AssociatesJohn MartinezGas Lift – Continuing Problems and Possible SolutionsAbstractPresentation
Schlumberger, ExxonMobil, ShellJason Bigelow, Michael Romer, Steven FreemanDoes API 19G1 & G2 Provide Coverage of Surface Controlled Gas Lift Systems?AbstractPresentation
WeatherfordSteve LongTesting Gas Lift Equipment for Offshore Applications Proves Synergistic to Land Based ApplicationsAbstractPresentation
Ryder Scott, Well Master Corporation
Scott Wilson, David Green, Dan NelsonGas Assisted Liquid Lift using Oscillating Pressure (GALLOP)AbstractPresentation
XTO EnergyJustin LaPointePressure Controlled Gas Lift for Mitigating Multi-PortingAbstractPresentation
ExxonMobil Upstream Research CompanyEmmanuel Ogbe, Jose Santiago Rodriguez, Francisco Trespalacios, Neal Adair, Keith ZornMaximizing Uplift in Gas-lifted Oil Production SystemsAbstractPresentation
LSUFelipe Maciel, Marcelo Fernandes, Paulo WaltrichA New Approach to Estimate Gas-Lift Valve Performance and Valve TroubleshootingAbstractPresentation
ConocoPhillipsBill J. HearnGas Lift to ConocoPhillips – Value of Gas Lift on Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs and the Influence of New TechnologiesAbstractPresentation
Z-Tech DesignZlatko SalihbegovicGas Lift Valve Bellow Crimping and Protection from High Dome and Injection PressureAbstractPresentation
Estis Compression Victor JordanHigh Pressure Gas Lift: The Critical Variables Affecting Your Maximum Outflow PotentialAbstractPresentation
Flowco Production Solutions, Validus EnergyJD Spencer, Dave HugheyAdvantages of Plunger Assisted Gas Lift (PAGL) Over Conventional Gas Lift in the Eagle Ford Shale PlayAbstractPresentation
Vista EnergyLuciana Masud, Mario OttulichGas Lift in Unconventionals – Is Gas Lift Optimization in Real-Time Possible?AbstractPresentation
SilverwellJoel ShawCarbon Intensity Reduction: Quantifying Greenhouse Gas Reduction Estimates for Surface Controlled Gas LiftAbstractPresentation