Submit an Abstract for an Opportunity to Present at the 2024 Gas Lift Workshop

Presentations by operators and innovators are key elements of a successful workshop. If you have improved or optimized production, reduced operating costs or failures, overcome challenges, or discovered new and innovative techniques or products related to gas lift, we invite you to submit an abstract for consideration as a technical presentation at the upcoming Gas Lift Workshop. Contributing knowledge and experience is a valuable and critical opportunity to do your part to 'give back' and help ensure generations of ongoing success with gas lift as a form of artificial lift.

Share Knowledge and Experience

Celebrate Team Successes

Address Common Challenges

Identify Emerging Trends

Feature New Products or Processes

Build Thought Leadership

Share New/Recent Data or Research

Enhance Presentation & Communication Skills

Desired subject areas for 2024 Gas Lift Workshop Technical Sessions include:

New Technology

Research & Development





Case Studies

Field Experiences

Best Practices

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Submit An Abstract

For presentation guidelines, a copy of our slide deck template, and general workshop information for presenters, please download the full Presenter Package via the red button above.

Please note: The deadline to submit an abstract is January 31, 2024.

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