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Artificial Lift Workshops
Free access to information on all artificial lift workshops with which ALRDC is involved.  To attend a specific workshop, a registration fee is required.  Access to some workshop papers and presentations is limited to those who attend the workshop.

Artificial Lift Technical Committees
Free access to information on the API Gas Lift technical committee with which ALRDC is involved.  Membership on these committees is free for those who are willing to work on a particular API or ISO document.  Access to the actual documents is limited to the members of the committees.

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  • Artificial lift questions and answers.
  • Artificial lift best practices.
  • Calendar of artificial lift events.
  • Artificial lift case histories.
  • Artificial lift courses.  A fee is charged to attend each course.
  • Artificial lift forum.  Any artificial lift topic may be discussed with any ALRDC members.
  • Artificial lift R&D projects.  Access to actual project details is restricted to those actually involved in the project.
  • Artificial lift seminars.  A fee is charged to attend each seminar.
  • Artificial lift technical library.
  • Artificial lift yellow pages.  Access to the yellow pages is free.  A fee is charged for each listing in the yellow pages.

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