The Artificial Lift Research and Development Council is an independent, private, not-for-profit organization that is focused on sharing artificial lift information and helping to facilitate artificial lift research and development projects by helping to organize the sharing of R&D costs and/or resources. ALRDC has a 501(c)6 tax exempt status granted by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.


Significantly advance the knowledge and practice of artificial lift technology and business.


Be the pre-eminent global point of contact for anyone interested in applying and/or advancing the technology and business of artificial lift.


Help promote, facilitate, and coordinate Artificial Lift Research and Development

Maintain and share best practices

Maintain and share case histories – examples of successes and failures

Maintain information on artificial lift workshops, courses, and symposium

Host seminars or forums on artificial lift topics of interest



ALRDC does this through helping to sponsor artificial lift workshops, courses, forums, and seminars, and by sharing best practices, case histories, calendars of artificial lift events, and other pertinent information. Identify, facilitate, and coordinate artificial lift R&D projects, funding, and delivery of results.

Research and Development

ALRDC promotes artificial lift research and development in areas that are not proprietary to any one company and/or cannot be economically supported by only one company. Globally disseminate artificial lift information (case histories, best practices, papers, research summaries, etc.) to anyone involved or interested in artificial lift.