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CompanyAuthor(s) TitleAbstractPresentation
ALRDC, Optimization Harmsway, Echometer CompanyLarry Harms, O. Lynn RowlanBetter Together – How Sharing and Collaboration Have Benefitted UsAbstractPresentation
Accutant Solutions LLCRajan Chokshi, PhDA Brief (and Incomplete) Review of ML/AI Applications in Artificial LiftAbstractPresentation
Acoustic WellsDr Sebastien Mannai, Dr. Charles-Henri ClergetRod Pump Monitoring and Optimization: New Physics for Today’s ProblemsAbstractPresentation
ChampionX Artificial LiftIan Nickell, Justin Spore, Rickey SullivanUtilizing Algorithms to Determine Production Increases on Wells Operating with a Fluid Level Above the PumpAbstractPresentation
Peak Oil & Gas LLC, Well Master CorporationDan Fouts, David GreenNew Life for Old Wells: Finding Production and Economic Wins in Gas Wells with Tubing Perforation and Plunger LiftAbstractPresentation
BKV, PLTech LLCMark Gose, Billy Hood, Dr. James Lea, Elizabeth Clem, Andrew BorganApplication of Plungers in Gas Wells Producing Liquids with High Downhole Critical RatesAbstractPresentation
H & H Well Services, LLCJames Harris, Robert HarrisPursuit of Ultra Low LOEAbstractPresentation
WellWorx Energy SolutionsRussell Messer, Dr. Victoria PonsExtend Life of ESP Installations Through Proper Gas Remediation Using Improved BHAAbstractPresentation
Apache Corp., Prime Pump Solutions (ChampionX Artificial Lift)Mauricio Manzan, John MasseyJet Lift: Bridge the Gap Between Various Forms of ALAbstractPresentation
Estis Compression, Devon EnergyVictor Jordan, Aaron AabHPGL – Delaware Basin Case StudyAbstractPresentation
Michael Romer, Matt BlandfordExxonMobil UIS, Imperial Oil Resources LimitedDLC Application to Reduce Scale Deposition and Improve SRP Run LifeAbstractPresentation
Jeff Clack, Dylan BucanekConocoPhillips, ChampionX Artificial LiftAutonomous Chemical Optimization and Remote Monitoring: A Case StudyAbstractPresentation
Kaizen Well SolutionsClint MasonPlunger Lift Observations: Liquid Loading in the Horizontal WellAbstractPresentation
The University of TulsaCem SaricaTenth Year Review of Tulsa University Artificial Lift (TUHWALP) ConsortiumAbstractComing Soon
ChampionXIan NickellAutonomous Control of Well Downtime to Optimize Production and Cycling in Sucker Rod Pump Artificially Lifted WellsAbstractPresentation
Echometer CompanyDieter Becker, Gustavo Fernandez, Ken Skinner, Justin BatesRemote Monitoring of Pressure Transient Acoustic TestsAbstractPresentation
ChampionXBrett WilliamsLeveraging Automation SystemsAbstractPresentation
Silverstream Energy SolutionsTracie ReedBalancing Risk and Reward: Evaluating New Technology for Artificial LiftAbstractPresentation
SilverwellJoel ShawQuantifying Greenhouse Gas Reduction Estimates for Surface Controlled Gas LiftAbstractPresentation
Kaizen Well SolutionsClint MasonUsing CO2 Tracer Technology in GAPL Well Evaluation and ApplicationAbstractPresentation
Sensia Global, Schlumberger Lift SolutionsConny Velazco-Quesada, Luis Vargas, Kelly Woolsey, Benigno MontillaChallenges in PCP Well Optimization in South OmanAbstractPresentation
SSi Artificial Lift, Riley Exploration PermianMichael Mosavi, PhD, P.Eng., Frederick M. Kemp IV, Brooke Kleiner B.A.Intelligent Rod Lift System Reduces Over 430,000 lbs of CO2 Emissions Per Year – A Permian Basin Case StudyAbstractPresentation
ALRDC, Echometer Company, Marathon, ExxonMobil, Wansco, Lifting SolutionsVictoria Pons, Ph.D., Dr. Tony Podio, O. Lynn Rowlan, Robert Valadez, Michael Romer, Walter Phillips, Gregg Hurstorizontal Well Downhole Dynamometer Data Acquisition (HWDDDA)AbstractPresentation
Encline Artificial Lift Technologies LLCWilliam G. ElmerWhatever Happened to Pump Stroke Optimization?AbstractPresentation
Lufkin IndustriesSarah Shackelford-HaseleyUnconventional Results with Conventional Long Stroke Rod Lift Systems: A Study of Design Process and Results Produced in Various ApplicationsAbstractPresentation
WellWorx Energy Solutions, Sponsored by Surge EnergyRussell Messer, Michael OsburnA Further Improvement to Packer-Style Separator Resulting in Slug Flow Remediation in Rod Pumped WellsAbstractPresentation
Echometer CompanyO. Lynn Rowlan, Gustavo FernandezTroubleshoot Oil and Gas Wells Using Acoustic Level ShotsAbstractPresentation