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ALRDCALRDC Board of DirectorsIs Gas Lift Taking Over?Presentation
ADNOCDr. Ahmed AlshmakhyContinuous Optimization of Dual
String Gas Lift
Siemens EnergyBob OkhuijsenReal time production optimization in conjunction with virtual flowmeterAbstractPresentation
Echometer Company, ConocoPhillipsGustavo Fernandez, Julio HaulcyTroubleshooting Gas Lift Wells Using Simultaneous Acoustic SurveysAbstractPresentation
Vista Oil & Gas SAU, Xenon Lift ServicesLuciana Masud, Mora Laveglia & Mario Ottulich, Luis GonzalezGas Lift in Vaca Muerta- Plan, Implementation, and Lessons LearnedAbstractPresentation
Logie Gas Lift Consulting LLCA. Stan LogieIntermittent Gas LiftAbstractPresentation
Tony HordKeynote: Dynamic Gas LiftPresentation
Flowco Production SolutionsEric HaleOvercoming Inefficiencies of Annular Flow in a Hybrid Gas Lift WellAbstractPresentation
ChevronTomislav Basic, Johannes VisserRemotely Operated Gas Lift Valves in Permian Basin Non-Conventional WellsAbstractPresentation
SWRIRussel BurkeyGas Lift Valve Open and Closing Behavior Observations Seen While Conducting Dynamic Performance Testing in Accordance With API 19G2 Annex HAbstractPresentation
Larry Harms, Tom NationsTaking Charge of Flowing Tubing and Injection Pressures to Optimize Gas Lift WellsAbstractPresentation
Belle IbanezKeynotePresentation
Wireless Instrumentation SystemsBrett BouldinElectric Gas Lift Using Existing Side Pocket Mandrels – Is It Possible?AbstractPresentation
Nations Consulting LLCTom Nations, Larry HarmsHigh Pressure/Single Point Gas Lift Applications (Including Hybrid with “Conventional” Gas Lift)AbstractPresentation
InnovexAdam AndersonLogic Based Injection Leads to Quicker, Deeper, Smarter Single Point InjectionAbstractPresentation
ExxonMobil Upstream Integrated Solutions, Precise Downhole ServicesMichael Romer, Keegan Johnson, Tom Murray, Levi Honeker, Mahlon Lisk, Mike SollidElectric Gas Lift Valve Flow Loop TestingAbstractPresentation
Dean GordonShale Plays and Understanding Multipointing Advantages and DisadvantagesAbstractPresentation
Dr. Paulo WaltrichKeynote: Gas-Lift in the Oil & Gas Industry: A Perspective from an Academic, Researcher and EntrepreneurPresentation
API Energy ExcellenceWayne MabryAPI Gas Lift StandardsPoster Session
Extending the Economic Life of the Gas Lift MethodAli HernandezExtending the Economic Life of the Gas Lift Method SummaryPoster Session
InnovexAdam AndersonSurface Controlled Gas Lift SystemsPoster Session