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Neftemer LtdAndrew JamiesonImproved Field Management and Production Optimization by Continuous Monitoring of WellsPresentation — Neftheimer — Continuous Well Monitoring
Production LiftJay MillerField Installed Coiled Tubing Gas Lift CompletionsPresentation — Production Lift — Coiled Tubing Gas Lift
Reach Production SystemsRobert PerrySurface-based Artificial Lift and Frac-hit Recovery Solutions For Unconventional WellsAbstract — Reach Production Solutions — Surface and Frac Hit Solutions for Unconventional WellsPresentation — Reach Prod. Solutions – Surface Based Artificial Lift
SilverwellGraham MakinGas Lift Production OptimizationAbstract — Silverwell — Gas Lift Production OptimizationPresentation — Silverwell — Gas Lift Production Optimization
TNOFatou Gomez, J., Shoeibi Omrani, P., Belford, S.Deep Learning Techniques For Gas Well Production OprimizationAbstract — TNO — Data Analytics Techniques for Gas Well Production OptimizationPresentation — TNO – Deep Learning Optimization Gas Wells
University of TulsaOzan Sayman, Eduardo Pereyra, Cem SaricaUnderstanding the Mechanics of Continuous Flow PlungerAbstract — Univ. of Tulsa — Understanding the Mechanics of Continuous Flow PlungerPresentation — Univ. of Tulsa — Continuous Flow Plunger Mechanics
University of TulsaA. Akhiiartdinov, E. Pereyra, C. SaricaConventional Plunger Lift OptimiztionAbstract — Univ. of Tulsa — Optimize Conventional Plunger Lift SystemsPresentation — Univ. of Tulsa — Conventional Plunger Lift Optimization
Well MasterGALLOP | Evacuate the Horizontal Presentation — Well Master — Gallop Evacuate the Horizontal
Western Falcon Energy ServicesMark Turland, Michael NaguibSucker Rod PUmping Unconventional Wells Friction Reduction is the Key to SuccessPresentation — Western Falcon — Sucker Rod Unconventional Wells
AmbyintFerdinand Hingerl, Brian ArnstNovel Approach for Anomaly Detection and Setpoint Optimization of Plunger Lift Gas Wells at ScaleAbstract — Ambyint — Novel Approach for Anomaly DetectionPresentation — Ambyint — Novel Approadh to Anomaly Detection
BasinTrak LLCVijay JanardhanBeyond SCADA: IIoT for Automation, Analystics and Asset Optimization for the OilfieldAbstract — Basin Trak — Beyond SCADAPresentation — BasinTrak — Beyond SCADA
Echometer CompanyO. Lynn Rowlan, Ken SkinnerEfficiency of Hydraulic Sucker Rod Pumping UnitsAbstract — Echometer Company — Hydraulic SR Unit EfficiencyPresentation — Echometer Company — Efficiency of Hydraulic Sucker Rod Pumping Units
Echometer CompanyO. Lynn Rowlan, Gustavo FernandezGas Interference is Still a ProblemAbstract — Echometer Company — Gas Interference is Still a ProblemPresentation — Echometer Company — Gas Interference is Still a Problem
Encline Artificial Lift TechnologiesBill ElmerNew Low-Cost Simple Method to Collect Gas Lift Compressor Data using SCADA, with Three Real Life Benefit CasesAbstract — Encline — New Low-Cost Simple Method to Collect Gas Lift Compressor DataPresentation — Encline — Collect Compresssor Data with SCADA
Optimization Harmsway LLC & Nations Consulting Inc.Larry Harms, Tom NationsOptimizing Gas Lift Pressures to Increase Production and
Lower Costs
Abstract — Harms and Nations — Optimizing Gas Lift Pressures to Increase Production and Lower CostsPresentation — HarmsWay — Optimizing Gas Lift Pressures to Increase Production and Lower Costs
Production LiftJesse HernandezFlexible Artificial Lift Strategies for Unconventional WellsPresentation — Jesse Hernandez — Art. Lift Strategy
Pltechllc, Valiant-ALS, Echometer CompanyJ Lea, David Divine, O. Lynn RowlanVisualizing Sucker Rod Pump (SRP) and Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) Gas SeparationAbstract — Jim Lea — Visualizing Electrical Submersible Pump Gas SeparationPresentation — Jim Lea — Slides For Separator Paper
Nagoo & Associates LLCDr. Anand S. NagooBack to Basics: Understanding Annulus
Multiphase Flows with Applications to
Gas Lift and Gas Well Deliquification
Abstract — Nagoo and Associates — Back to BasicsPresentation — Nagoo&Associates — Back To Basics – Understanding Annulus Multiphase Flows