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Black Gold Pump & SupplyRyan BairLarge Bore Pumps Fluid Velocity StudyAbstractPresentation
MindMesh Inc.Mark Frenzel, Raju GandikotaNew Time Domain Analyses Provides Quantitative Insights into Rod Lift System Design, Operation and MaintenanceAbstractPresentation
Walter Phillips, Inc.Walter PhillipsAdvanced Dynamometer Wave AnalysisAbstractPresentation
Walter Phillips, Inc.Walter PhillipsDynamic Load Cell CalibrationAbstractPresentation
Weatherford International Artificial LiftClark RobisonA New Torque-Based Technique for Balancing Pumping UnitsAbstractPresentation
Echometer CompanyO. Lynn Rowlan, Carrie Ann Taylor, Ken SkinnerHow to Determine the Location of Downhole StickingAbstractPresentation
Rotatap SilverStreamTracie Reed, Grant Schaffer, Doug BakerReview of Case Studies Illustrating Impact of New Well Spacing Tool / Rod Rotator and Wireless POC Load CellPresentation
Don Nan LiftJason DominguezAnalysis and Optimization of Sucker Rod Pump DesignPresentation
Weatherford International Artificial LiftDaniel RenteriaAn Alternative Sucker Rod Technology for Aggressive ApplicationsPresentation
Echometer CompanyO. Lynn Rowlan, Norm Hein Jr.Recommended Limits for (DLS) Dog Leg Severity and (SL) Side LoadAbstractPresentation
Harbison Fischer – ApergyRandy De WerffTwo Operating Areas—Challenges & SolutionsAbstractPresentation
Baker HughesVictoria PonsIRIS: Getting More out of your wells!AbstractPresentation
Western FalconMark Turland, Michael NaguibFriction in Sucker Rod Pumping Systems
Stay Smooth…Don’t Sacrifice
Production TechnologyTom van AkkerenLong and Slow is the Way to GoAbstractPresentation
Echometer CompanyO. Lynn Rowlan, Ken SkinnerPump Filled with Liquid is the Secret of SR PumpingAbstractPresentation
Baker Hughes, a GE CompanyVictoria Pons, Ph.D., Corryn Mills, Bernie Boos, Marcus TurnerIT’S ALL ABOUT THE DATA: Deviated Downhole Data ExtractionAbstractPresentation