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About the Event

The 2021 International Sucker Rod Pumping Workshop will be held from February 8th to February 12th 2021. Continuing education courses will take place on February 8th-9th.

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Dr. Victoria Pons is the General Chair for the 2021 Sucker Rod Pumping Workshop. She can be reached by email at Victoria.Pons2020@gmail.com.

The Workshop is a virtual conference.

Please note: Advanced registration will close on January 22, 2021.

Keynote Speakers
Gabor Takacs

Gabor Takacs

February 10th | 10:30am

Gabor Takacs is a professor emeritus at the Petroleum Engineering Department at the University of Miskolc, Hungary since 2017. He held the position of Department Head from 1995 till 2012. He holds MS and PhD degrees in Petroleum Engineering and a doctorate from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Between 2007 and 2010 he was acting Director of the Petroleum Engineering program at The Petroleum Institute (now Khalifa University) in Abu Dhabi, UAE; earlier he taught at Texas Tech University, USA in 1988/89. He has more than 35 years of teaching and consulting experience in the production engineering field. He is the author of several books on artificial lift technology; “Modern Sucker-Rod Pumping” (1993), “Sucker-Rod Pumping Manual” (2002), “Gas Lift Manual” (2005), all published by PennWell Books, USA. His books “Electrical Submersible Pumps Manual” (2009), “Sucker-Rod Pumping Handbook” (2015) and “Electrical Submersible Pumps Manual” Second Ed. (2017) were published by Elsevier, USA. Dr. Takacs has more than 100 technical papers to his credit. He has taught more than seventy 5-day courses on artificial lift topics (gas lifting, ESP, SRP, etc.) for many oil companies in Libya, Mexico, Argentina, Indonesia, UAE, Romania, Malaysia, Peru, Oman, India, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Vietnam, and Austria; and is an internationally known consultant and instructor on production engineering and artificial lift topics. Dr Takacs was instrumental in setting up the Hungarian Section of SPE in 1992 and was the section’s first Chairman between 1992 and 1994. In 1995/96 he was selected SPE Distinguished Lecturer, was Outstanding Technical Editor for the SPE journal “Production and Facilities” 1992-2003; chaired the Artificial Lift TIG (Technical Interest Group) of SPE in 1997-2003. Dr Takacs received the “Regional Production and Operations Award” from SPE in 2017.

Patrick Bangert

Patrick D. Bangert

February 11th | 10:30am​

At Samsung SDSA, I direct the AI Engineering and AI Sciences teams. The AI engineering team develops the Brightics AI Accelerator that provides distributed training and automated machine learning to speed up the creation of an AI model. The AI sciences team makes models and provides expert consulting services. Together we supply the full spectrum of AI model development backed by state-of-the-art technology and human expertise.
With a background in the process industry (chemical, power, oil and gas), I have an eye on practical applications that deliver value in the real world. Integration of domain expertise matters, and so does the change management whenever a new AI technology is to be adopted. From optimizing power plant efficiency, to enabling predictive maintenance in upstream and downstream plants, I have worked on practical AI projects on four continents.


Siham Al-Habsi & Nawar AL Abadi

February 12th | 10:30am​

Siham Al Habsi – Born in 1989, graduated as BSc. Chemical Engineering from Caledonian College of Engineering in 2013.

Nawar Al Abadi – Born in 1992, graduated as BSc. in Mechatronic Engineering from Asia Pacific University, Malaysia in 2014.

Siham and Nawar proudly joined Petroleum Development Oman Company in 2014 as graduate trainees in Production Operations, which required field site exposure to PDOs interior sites.

Nawar and Siham have taken up the challenge of working within a male dominated environment as well as adapting and dealing with harsh environments. Nawar became a Field Programmer in 2017 as well as one of the first Omani woman to be established in the field within PDO as a production supervisor in 2019.

After completing her graduate program, Siham had the passion to continue working on site, and became Field Programmer in 2017, as well as joined Nawar as one of first Omani Women to be established as Productions Supervisor in 2020.

As Production Supervisors, they led a team of male operators, dealing with production facilities, engaging with multiple contractors, ensuring safe, efficient and effective operations and analyzing production’s efficiencies.
Nawar is proud to be given the opportunity to achieve the mission for equal rights for women with passion, dedication and commitment. She has taken a unique journey setting an example and inspiring women to take on opportunities to work in the field side by side with male colleagues for the development of her country.

In 2019, Nawar was rewarded by OFA (Oman French Amitie) association as 2019 Inspirational Omani Woman and actively participated in increasing awareness of gender balance and diversity at workplace.

Siham and Nawar stand proud as women serving in the field in the oils and gas field operations and encourage their female peers and colleagues to take on similar aspirations and opportunities.

Courses & Sessions

Continuing Education Courses

February 8 | 8:00am - 12:30pm

Session 1

Dynagraph Analalysis, presented by Louis Ray

Session 2

Recommended Practices for Rod Pumping, presented by O.L. Rowlan, J.F .Lea, S. Gault, and G.Fernandez

Session 3

Failure Cause Analysis, presented by Russell Stevens

February 9 | 8:00am - 12:30pm

Session 1

Dynagraph Analalysis, presented by Louis Ray

Session 2

Troubleshooting Gas Interference, Impact Loads, presented by O.L. Rowlan, J.F .Lea, S. Gault, and G.Fernandez

Session 3

Failure Meeting/Failure Reductions, presented by Mark Foster and Victoria Pons, Ph.D.

Care & Handling, presented by Mike Brock

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