2022 ALW Presentation: Utilizing Algorithms to Determine Production Increases on Wells Operating with a Fluid Level Above the Pump


Ian Nickell – ChampionX
Co-Authors: Justin Spore, Rickey Sullivan

Sucker rod pump artificially lifted wells have used devices called pump off controllers (POC) to match the pumping unit’s runtime to the available reservoir production. POC allows the well to enter a set period of downtime when the downhole pump fillage is incomplete to avoid premature failures. With the advent of autonomous control algorithms, they can be utilized to reduce failures or increase production in cases where the downtime is not already optimized. By varying the idle time and observing the impact on production and cycles the is hunting for the optimal idle time through the optimization process the automation can adjust the idle time when operating conditions change. The result is the optimization of wells by reducing failures and/or increasing production, generating a huge value to the end user by automating the entire process of downtime optimization.