Aug 2019 – ALRDC Seminar for New Artificial Lift Technology

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August 2, 2019

Houston / Houston /

Aug 2019 - ALRDC Seminar for New Artificial Lift Technology

This page is for information that will be presented at the 7th 2019 ALRDC Seminar for New Artificial Lift Technology. The Seminar will be held at the Distribution NOW Office in West Houston, 7402 N. Eldridge Parkway, Houston, TX 77041 USA. It will be on Aug. 14, 2019.

Information Presented for Artificial Lift New Technology

Name Company E-Mail Subject Agreement Signed Abstract, PowerPoint
Peter Brewer Energy IP LLC  Intellectual Property Law
Steve Cunningham WellMaster  Gallop Concept Yes Yes             Yes
Jeff Elrod ironwood Engeneering  Yes None
Josepth Ippolito LOTRAM LLC 
Humberto Leniek CTLift Systems LLC  Coiled Tubing Lift Yes Yes
Graham Makin Silver Well Energy
Garold Muth – 1 Muth Pump LLC.  Velocity Pump Yes Yes
Garold Muth -2 Muth Pump LLC.  Farr Flex Plunger Yes Yes
Luis Pabon Levo Group 
James Walker WellDog  High Efficiency Rod Pump Yes Yes
Patrick Wissels COSAMS Cord Vertical Lift Yes

Seminar Agenda

Time Topic Company Presenter Subject  
9:00 Introduction Distribution NOW Rick Webb    
9:15 Intellectual Property Law Energy IP LLC Peter Brewer Intellectual Property Law
9:45 Intellectual Property LOTRAM LLC Joseph Ippolito
10:15 Horizonal Lift WellMaster Steve Cunningham Gallop Concept
10:45 Break        
11:00 Sucker Rod Pumping CT Lift Systems LLC Humberty Lenick Coiled Tubing Lift
11:30 Sucker Rod Pumping Well Dog James Walker High Efficiency Rod Pump
12:00 Lunch        
13:00 Gas Lift  Silver Well Energy Graham Makin
13:30 Dewatering Gas Wells Muth Pump LLC Garold Muth Velocity Pump
14:00 Plungers Muth Pump LLC Garold Muth Pump Plungers
14:30 Break        
15:00 Cord Vertical Lift COSAMS Patrick Wissels Using a Rotating Cord to Lift Oil
15:30 Wrap Up and Conclusion Distribution NOW Rick Webb    

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Resources for Presenters

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