September 13, 2022
5 Greenway Plaza | Houston, TX

The ALRDC in 2022 will be renewing their search and support of new technology in artificial lift. We are looking for new ideas and products in mid to late stages of development. Some products may be ready for a partner for a project pilot while others may be looking for a financial partner to finish the development phase. All proposals will be considered and reviewed by a panel.

Those in attendance for the presentations will include representatives from major and independent oil and gas operators as well as a majority of the large oil and gas service companies that support the artificial lift sector of our industry. Improvements in the way we are able to bring our natural resources to the surface and the production line will be vital to our future. Energy cost, Efficiency, Environment, and Extending operational run times will all be a part of our success in the future.

For more information or to submit your new technology ideas, contact:

[email protected]
(713) 598-5824