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Artificial Lift R&D Council

The Artificial Lift R&D Council (ALRDC) exists to share information between and among artificial lift users, suppliers, researchers, and consultants around the world, and to promote appropriate research and development for improved artificial lift business and practice.

ALRDC Strategy

Education.  ALRDC does this through helping to sponsor artificial lift workshops, courses, forums, and seminars, and by sharing best practices, case histories, calendars of artificial lift events, and other pertinent information.
R&D.  ALRDC promotes artificial lift research and development in areas that are not proprietary to any one company and/or cannot be economically supported by only one company.


Location.  The home office of ALRDC is 3100 Thousand Oaks Drive, Austin, Texas.  The phone number is 512-732-0545.   The cell phone is 512-585-4168.


Board of Directors.  The ALRDC Board of Directors holds face-to-face meetings two or three times per year, normally in conjunction with International Workshops such as the Gas Well Deliquification Workshop, the Sucker Rod Pumping Workshop, and the Southwestern Petroleum Short Course.  When necessary, the Board also meets by teleconference.  The members of the Board are listed on a separate page of this web site.  The officers are:

  • Dr. Jim Lea is Chairman of the ALRDC Board of Directors.  He is former Chairman of the Petroleum Engineering Department at Texas Tech University.  He is President of PLTech, LLC doing production and artificial lift consulting work and teaching industry courses.

  • Cleon Dunham is President, Chief Executive Officer, and Secretary of the Board.  He is retired from Shell Oil Company.   He is President of Oilfield Automation Consulting.

  • Ronda Brewer is Treasurer.  She works for the Southwestern Petroleum Short Course at Texas Tech University.

ALRDC Services

Free Services.  ALRDC provides free services for the general public and its members. 

  • Public services include helping to sponsor workshops and provide information for technical artificial lift committees.  These are "public" in that anyone can access them at any time.  However, only members of the technical committees can actually access the technical documents.  When the documents are completed, they can be purchased from the American Petroleum Institute (API) or the International Standards Organization (ISO), as appropriate.

  • Member services include sharing best practices, sharing case histories, providing access to a calendar of artificial lift events, supporting an artificial lift discussion forum, providing access to technical artificial lift literature, organizing artificial lift courses and seminars, and helping to facilitate artificial lift R&D projects.  Anyone in the world who is involved or interested in artificial lift may be a member.  There is no cost.  All that is required is to register with ALRDC so we know who is using the services and so we can communicate. 

Paid Services.  ALRDC helps to sponsor various artificial lift workshops, courses, and seminars.  There is a cost associated with attending each sponsored event.  Most of this cost goes to defray the cost of holding the event.  ALRDC earns a percentage of this amount to cover ALRDC operating costs.  In addition, ALRDC charges a small amount for advertisements placed on the ALRDC yellow pages and on the ALRDC calendar.


R&D Projects.  ALRDC helps to coordinate artificial lift R&D projects as stated above.  The cost of each project is covered by the participating organization(s).  ALRDC charges a small fee to these organizations for providing the coordination service.


ALRDC Web Site

This web site replaces the old www.alrdc.com web site and the former www.wellanalysis.com web site.  All of the previous services, plus many new ones, can be accessed via this new site.  If you have any questions, please contact contact@alrdc.com.