Artificial Lift Seminars

Artificial lift seminars can be sponsored, hosted, or offered by ALRDC for its members.  Seminars can be offered to provide members with the opportunity to meet and discuss various topics of interest. Normally, seminars are one day or less in length, but they can be longer if necessary.  The seminar may or may not result in specific actions to be taken by ALRDC or by the members.

Basis for Seminars

ALRDC is a non-profit, 501(c)6 organization.  This status is granted by the United States Internal Revenue Service.  With this status, ALRDC can host seminars that bring various companies and organizations together to discuss technical matters.  These technical matters can be discussed without concern for challenge that the companies or organizations are conducting any inappropriate business discussions.  To assure that this status is maintained, care is taken to assure that no business or commercial matters are discussed.


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  Potential Seminars

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  Past Seminars

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