R&D Projects

Types of R&D Projects

Artificial lift R&D projects coordinated by ALRDC can be "open" or "proprietary."

Open Projects

Open R&D projects are "open" for potential participation by any R&D provider and any R&D customer.  This means that any organization can be considered for participation.  Actual participation will depend on many factors including the resources and other needs of the project, the ability of a potential provider organization to provide the needed resources and other needs, the willingness and ability of a potential customer organization to cover a portion of the cost, etc.


Proprietary Projects

Proprietary R&D projects are restricted to the specific R&D provider and customer organizations that are involved in the project.  Access to this information is restricted to these organizations.

Role(s) of ALRDC


ALRDC can play one or more of the following roles with artificial lift R&D projects.

R&D Needs

Help identify needs for research and/or development projects.


R&D Coordination

Help find R&D provider organizations that may help provide needed resources or other services to facilitate completion of the project.  Help find R&D customer organizations that may be willing to pay part of the cost of the project in return for rights to use the results.


R&D Facilitation

Help create or organize R&D project objectives, project work plans, project schedules, project reports, project deliverables, etc.


Suggest a Topic for a Potential R&D Project


Anyone may suggest a topic for a potential artificial lift R&D project.  To do so, we need  the following information.  When we receive this information, we'll post the potential project and will solicit interest, as appropriate, from other potential R&D provider(s) and customer(s).

Name of project

Type of project:  open or proprietary

Potential R&D provider organization(s)

Potential R&D customer organization(s)

Description of project objectives

Project timetable

Resources available to help with the project

This information may be provided by filling out the form that can be accessed here.

Potential R&D Project Form


If we have any questions or comments before posting the potential R&D project, we'll communicate with you via e-mail.