May 2016 – Gas Lift Workshop

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May 16, 2016 - May 20, 2016

Sheraton Hotel / Houston / Texas


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The 2016 39th Annual International Gas-Lift Workshop will be held in Houston, Texas, USA, on May 16 – 20, 2016.

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Number Company Author Paper Title or Subject Abstract Presentation


Session 1:  Offshore, Sub-Sea, Deep Water, TLP

Chair:  Greg Stephenson, Bongo (aka Jim Hall)


1 Petroleum Technology Company (PTC)


Vennlig Hilsen


 NexLift  Cancelled Abstract  
New 1 Brunei Shell Petroleum


K. Sonti


J.W. Hall


 Novel Use of Dual Completion for Gas Lift Deepening Abstract Presentation
2 Weatherford Artificial Lift Steve Long Old Ideas Become New Again – A New Approach to the Differential Valve


Abstract Presentation
3 Petroleum Technology Company (PTC) Vennlig Hilsen



Reducing Intervention Time/Cost During Completion Cancelled Abstract  
New 3 Shell International EP Wayne Mabry Issues Associated with Selection and Use of Gas-Lift in Deep Water, High Pressure, High Temperature Applications


Abstract Presentation
4 Encline Bill Elmer High Pressure Gas-Lift: Is Industry Missing a Potentially Huge Application to Horizontal Oil Wells?


Abstract Presentation
5 AppSmiths Larry Peacock Day in the Lift of a Well Analyst


Abstract Presentation
Keynote Address —


 Shell Oil Company  Dave Carpenter Abstract Presentation
Session 2:  Gas-Lift Automation & Optimization

Chair:  Eric Lovie, Mike Johnson


1 Shell Global Solution International B.V.


Gijs Hemink, Murat Kerem


 Fiber Optic Based Gas Lift Surveillance Abstract Presentation
2 ExxonMobil Michael Romer Wireless Technologies for Gas Lift Surveillance


Abstract Presentation
3 PSE Oil and Gas James Marriott

Apostolos  Giovanoglou

Kevin Wade


New Approach to Full Field Gas Lift Optimization Abstract Presentation
4 Emerson Process Management


Sudhir Jain Automating Gas-Lift Injection Rates Abstract Presentation
5 Senior Metal Bellows Engineering


Pat Reed Edge-Welded Bellows Technology Including Trade-Offs Between Stroke, Pressure, and Cost and the Differences Between Edge-Welded and Formed Bellows


Abstract Presentation
6 Air Squared, Inc. Bryce Shaffer, Andrew Morton An Overview of Positive Displacement Scroll Technology for Oil and Gas Applications


Abstract Presentation
Session 3:  Gas-Lift Field Case Histories
 Wayne Mabry, Michael Romer

1 Brunei Shell Petroleum

Cio Cio Mario

J.W. Hall



Pilot Installation of a Deep Gas Lift System to Optimize Gas Lift Well Performance in Brunei Shell PetroleumAbstractPresentation2

Flowco Production Solutions


Matt YoungIntermittent Gas-Lift Utilizing a Pilot ValveAbstractPresentation3Brunei Shell Petroleum, Shell Oil Company

O. Owoyemj

J.W. Hall

Batch Foaming Gas-Lifted Oil and Liquid Loaded Gas Wells in BSP


AbstractPresentation4Royal Dutch Shell – NAM

Ahmed Farag

Tony Robertson

Ankur Mittal

Kees Veeken

Tjerk Joustra

Jacobo Montero


Foam Assist in a Gas-Lifted Oil WellAbstractPresentation5Weatherford Artificial Lift

Christopher Hand

Randy Matthews

Gas-Lift and Capillary Injection Bring New Life to Bakken Producers with Salt Deposition Problems


AbstractPresentation6EnclineBill Elmer

Improving the Design of Wellhead Gas-Lift Compressors


AbstractPresentation7Shell InternationalSteven Freeman

Understanding Gas-Lift Equipment Issues in Deep Water, High Pressure, High Temperature Applications



Session 4: Status of API Standards, API Gas-Lift, and Other Items



1McCalvin EnterprisesDavid McCalvin

Status Review: API Specifications and Recommended Practices for Gas-Lift


AbstractPresentation2SchlumbergerPhillip Hodge

Field Trial in Alaska for 1″ Barrier Gas-Lift Valve



Breakout Sessions —





Cancelled Due to Low Attendance

Regulations and Regulatory Compliance, BOEMRE, etc. Cancelled






Combined with Gas-Lift Surveillance PracticesNew Gas-Lift Technology  Cancelled




Mike Johnson

Gas-Lift Surveillance Practices and New Gas-Lift Technology






Greg Stephenson

Gas-Lift for Unconventionals






John MartinezGas-Lift Handbook Terms and Equations


API Terms







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