Feb 2018 – Artificial Lift Strategies for Unconventional Wells

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February 4, 2018 - February 7, 2018

Cox Convention Center and the adjacent Renaissance Hotel / Oklahoma /


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This page contains information on the ALRDC / SWPSC 2018 (16th Annual) Artificial Lift Strategies for Unconventional Wells Workshop. This has formerly been called the Gas Well Deliquification Workshop. We’ve changed the name so we can expand the focus to include both gas and liquid rich (oil) wells.

The Workshop will be held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on Feb. 4 – 7, 2018. It will be held at the Cox Convention Center and the adjacent Renaissance Hotel.

Larry Harms, recently retired from ConocoPhillips, will be the General Chair for the 2018 Workshop.

Note: Formal papers are desired, but are not required. To make a presentation, we must receive an abstract and a copy of the actual presentation slides. Documents which have been received and are available are shown in underlined blue text. They may be accessed by clicking on them.

NoteAbstracts are to be submitted on or before xxx.  If your Abstract is submitted after that date, there is a god chance there will not be room in the Program for  your presentation.  The Abstract Review Committee will meet in early January to finalize the organization of each Technical Session.  We will choose the best five or six Abstracts for each session, depending on the size of the session,

Presentations are to be submitted on or before xxx.  We are serious about this date. We need time to review each Presentation and then the author(s) need time to correct their Presentations.  We DO NOT want to be receiving Presentations at the last minute.  This isn’t fair to the Workshop Committee and it isn’t fair to the author(s).

Status of Abstracts and Presentations — This will be made available as time for the Workshop approaches.

Summary of Abstracts — This will be printed and made available at the workshop.

Rolling Slide Show — This will be shown at breaks during the Workshop.

Workshop Evaluation Form — Use this form to evaluate the workshop if you didn’t turn one in at the Workshop.  E-mail it to cleon@oilfieldautomation.

Standard Presentation Format  — Use this Standard Presentation Format is mandatory for all presentations.  It provides consistency and ease of viewing by the audience.  It contains a standard disclaimer and copyright information to product the author(s), their company(ies), and the Workshop.

Note:  The abstracts, PowerPoint presentations, and papers provided for the 2018 Workshop are listed below.  To download any abstract, presentation, or paper, click on the underlined link.  Some of the presentations are very large and may require several minutes to download.

Note:  The presentations may only be downloaded by persons who attended the Workshop, or people who work for companies that had representatives at the Workshop.  To download a presentation, log in to the ALRDC web site and enter the access code when you click on a presentation.  The Access Code is distributed at the workshop.  If you attended but did not obtain this information, contact cleon@oilfieldautomation.com.

Note:  These presentations and papers are the property of the Workshop and the companies that authored them.   They are provided here for your information. They may not be altered in any way, and they may not be distributed to anyone outside of your company without the expressed written permission of the organizers of the workshop and the author(s).

Note:  After the workshop, a CD of the workshop proceedings will be sent to each participant who orders one.  The cost of a CD is $25.

Note:  The presentations here are in .pdf format.  If a “movie” was shown along with the presentation, it is included on the CD, and on this web site.  It may be very large.  However, if a video clip was more than about 10 MBytes, it is too large to load here.  We’ll try to place these on the CD.


Number Company(ies) Author(s) Paper Title Abstract Presentation



Session 1 – New Technology, Artificial Lift, Session Chair: 




J. de Boer (TNO)


ESP Instabilities


Abstract Presentation
2 Well Master Ben Nathan Adapting Load Factor for Plunger Lift in Unconventional Wells


Abstract Presentation
3 Univ. of Tulsa Pereyra, E.

Pan, D.

Sarica, C.,


High Speed Video Observations for Plunger Lift Upstroke Abstract Presentation
4 Harmsway Optimization

Encline Technologies

Larry Harms

Bill Elmer

Single Point/High Pressure Gas-Lift – A Simple Efficient Option for the Life of the Well?


Abstract Presentation
5 Encline Technologies

Harmsway Optimization

Bill Elmer

Larry Harms

Understanding and Improving Gas-Lift Compressor Operations (aka Compressor Tips) Abstract Presentation
6 HydraLift Dillon Cayer Strategic Plunger Spacing Techniques of Optimization of Rod Pump Wells


Abstract Presentation
7 BP America Production Co


Paul Edwards Dual Tubing Strings, One Gas-Lift Formation Abstract Presentation
Session 2 – Reservoir, Stimulation. Session Chair:  Rob Sutton 
1 TNO J. de Boer

S. Belfroid

Transient Behavior of Gas Wells Abstract Presentation
2 Consultant

PetroEdge Energy IV LLC

Robert P. Sutton, Stuart A. Cox, I’ve Fixed the Liquid Loading Problem, What Happened to the Condensate? Abstract Presentation
3 Pipe Fractional Flow, LLC Dr. Anand S. Nagoo Horizontal Well Artificial Lift Simulation: Unconventional Oil and Gas Well Case Histories Abstract Presentation
4  Univ. of Tulsa Mohan Kelkar

Adeoluwa Oluwagbemiga Oyewole

Eduardo Pereyra

Cem Sarica


Well Performance Modeling in Unconventional Oil and Gas Wells


Abstract Presentation
Keynote Speech:   
Sr. Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Tulsa-Based WPX Energy


Clay Gaspar Artificial Lift Strategies Conference — Keynote Address Abstract Presentation
Session 3 –  Production Equipment, Automation, Optimization, Session Chair: John Green
1  Echometer Company Carrie-Anne Taylor Troubleshooting Gas-lift Wells Using Dual Shot Acoustic Technique


Abstract Presentation
2 Permian Production Equipment Mark Lancaster Multiphase Compression for Wellheads and Vapor Recovery


Abstract Presentation
3 Encline Technologies Bill Elmer Preventing High Separator Level Events Without Sacrificing Well Performance


Abstract Presentation
4 Echometer Company Ryan Craig

O. Lynn Rowlan

Liquid Level Depth Determination in Unconventional Wells Assisted with Wellbore Diagram Abstract Presentation
5 ConocoPhilliips Bill Hearn

Claire Cherrey

Transitioning to Intermittent Gas-Lift in an Unconventional Resource Play


Abstract Presentation
6 Endurance Artificial Lift Dan Runzheimer Increasing the Life of Plunger Lift Equipment with BLAZETM – Thermal Boron Diffusion


Abstract Presentation
7 Echometer UPS Brian Ellithorp

D. J. Snyder

Evolution of Rod Pumping Systems Leading to a Best Practice for Many Unconventionals


Abstract Presentation
Breakout Sessions.   Chairperson: Cleon Dunham
1 Consultant


Jim Lea

Bill Hearn


Ask Experts about Artificial Lift Selection and Life Cycle None  
2 Echometer Lynn Rowlan Ask Experts about Troubleshooting Plunger Lift Wells


3 Consultant Norm Hein Ask Experts about Troubleshooting Sucker Rod Systems


4 ABB B. J. Walker Ask Experts about Troubleshooting Automation Systems


5 Consultant Larry Harms Ask Experts about Troubleshooting Facilities and Compression


6 Weatherford Kevin Cheramie Ask Experts about Troubleshooting Gas-Lift Systems None  
7 Consultant Mike Berry, Dave Carpenter Ask Experts about Troubleshooting ESP Systems Summary
Session 4 – Wellbore Issues, Artificial Lift Selection, Session Chair{ Rick Webb 
1  Pipe Fractional Flow, LLC  Dr. Anand S. Nagoo Application of PipeFractionalFlow’s Analytical Critical Gas Velocity Calculations to Horizontal Well Liquids Loading Abstract Presentation
2 Blackjack Production Tools Brian Ellithorp

DJ Snyder

A Paradigm Shift in Casing Design for Unconventional Wells Abstract Presentation

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