Requesting an Artificial Lift Course

Many companies already offer artificial lift courses.  However, there are sometimes needs for special courses, or courses that are tailored to meet specific groups, locations, etc.  You may use this page to request a special artificial lift course.  If we are aware of an existing course that may meet your needs we will let you know.  However, if we mutually agree that a special course is warranted, arrangements for providing this course can be negotiated.

Request an Artificial Lift Course

Anyone may request an artificial lift course.  To do so, we need the following information:

Title of course

Objectives to be accomplished by  the course

Type of course

Location where course is to be presented

Description of expected course attendees, may people from other companies attend the course

Anticipated number of course attendees

Anticipated length of course

Anticipated timing of course - when does it need to be presented

This information may be provided by filling out the form that can be accessed here.

Artificial Lift Course Request Form

If we have any questions or comments concerning the course, we'll communicate with you via e-mail or telephone.