Artificial Lift Case Histories

These "case histories" are an accumulation of experiences, both good and bad, from member organizations. They are provided with little editing (other than for grammar and syntax) by ALRDC.  However, they have been scrutinized to eliminate specific references that might be offensive to any particular company or individual.  And, to assure authenticity of all information posted and disseminated by ALRDC, they may be submitted for a peer review.  ALRDC does not necessarily recommend nor support these experiences.

Post a Case History

Anyone may offer a case history to be posted.  To do so, we need to know the following information:

     Artificial lift method: Beam, ESP, PCP, Hydraulic, Gas-Lift
     Author: Author's name
     E-mail address: Author's e-mail address
     Subject of the Case History: A brief description of the primary subject of the Case History
     Case History: The written Case History, or if the Case History is in a separate document, give the name of the document here and attach it below

This information may be provided by filling out the form that can be accessed here.

Case History Input Form

If we have any questions or comments before posting the case history, we'll communicate with you via e-mail.